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Portfolio: Plastic & Vinyl

Much of the work we now undertake involves the design and application of computer-cut vinyl lettering.

Vinyl is a cost-effective material that allows for a fast turnover rate and has proved hugely successful in the sign industry due to its versatility and the speed at which it can be produced. It has become particularly popular for vehicle graphics as it is much easier to remove, in contrast with hand-painted graphics, and is therefore less likely to devalue the vehicle.

The range of products available is also impressive - from the standard grade vinyls (which come in a vast range of colours and with a 4, 7 or 10 year guarantee) and the range of speciality vinyls such as reflective, glitter or holographic; to etch-effect vinyls which are ideal for window graphics, and the more flexible banner vinyls.

It is also possible to have vinyls colour-flooded to your own specified tone, or even produced as a digital or photographic image.